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Sustainable Development Goals

Business as a Force for Good

At Norstar, we believe in business as a force for good, embracing sustainability for a positive impact.

Despite the 
significant impacts of our industry on the environment and communities, we operate responsibly and sustainably, creating value for all stakeholders.

With a commitment to future generations, we actively contribute to all 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Supporting local communities by creating job opportunities and investing in training & education. In particular, Norstar’s office and training operations in Yangon, Myanmar

Supporting sustainable agriculture – specialist focus on green/blue hydrogen/ammonia | Supporting local communities to sustain livelihoods | Reducing food waste

Restoring natural ecosystems | Healthy, safe & fulfilling work environments | WellAtSea Programme | Marine Benefits health insurance | Mission to Seafarers | Healthy lifestyles

Training & recruitment operations based in Myanmar | Expanding training & education in hydrogen and ammonia | Extending workforce development training to healthcare & hospitality industries 

Providing equal opportunities for women and men in maritime and clean energy sector | Promoting diversity & inclusion | Changing the maritime industry bias to include more opportunities for women

Clean environment | Optimise water consumption throughout operations and new energy sector projects | Support charitable projects, particularly in Myanmar

Low to zero-emission fuels & technologies | Green/blue hydrogen/ammonia | LPG | E-Methanol | SAF | Green/blue hydrogen/ammonia production & supply | Circular economy | Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) monitoring for ship efficiency

Elevate skills, capabilities and fulfilment of crew, staff & employees | Create jobs & support local communities to sustain livelihoods with skills development | Clean energy sector development

Implement sustainable supply chain infrastructure & logistics | Low carbon materials across shipping lifecycle & infrastructure (eg: green steel) | Progress innovations that deliver lasting solutions for People~Planet~Profit

Promote diversity & inclusion in the maritime and clean energy sector | Support local communities, in particular with our training & recruitment operations in Myanmar

Support sustainable livelihoods in all the communities we operate in | Support economic development in Myanmar in particular with training & recruitment operations | Support global partners with their impact initiatives

Harness and optimise all resources for exponential impact Natural~Human~Financial | Reduce~Recycle~Re-Purpose | Circular economy solutions | Onboard subsistence:
eliminate single-use plastic; minimise food waste

Reduce GHG emissions across supply chains | NetZero 2030 Midstream Infrastructure | Hydrogen/ammonia ecosystem development | Low sulphur fuels to minimise NOx air pollution | Incorporate and innovate new technologies & designs | Protect natural ecosystems 

Reduce ocean acidification by reducing GHG emissions | Do not use scrubbers which flush harmful particles & acid into
the sea | MARPOL Convention| Ballast Water Treatment systems to prevent the spread of invasive species | Port reception facilities for waste management | Norstar’s impact strategy is guided by the UNSDG framework

Reduce GHG emissions across supply chains | Reduce impact on terrestrial ecosystems | Decarbonise ports | Green hydrogen/ammonia production & supply | Clean technologies to support environment & protect biodiversity

Ethical business practices | Drive performance improvements with transparency & accountability | Combat corruption: strict internal procedures; MACN

Build a consortium of global partners with complementary resources, approaches & positioning | Mobilise financial resources for industrial-scale impact | Leverage technologies, innovation & cooperation opportunities

To achieve exponential global impact and fulfill all 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), collaboration and partnerships are essential.

Collective action involving clients, investors, suppliers, and peers is critical for driving positive industrial-scale changes. Proactive engagement and innovation have been key to our success.

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