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Global Recruitment – Hospitality, Health & Care

Norstar is expanding recruitment, training, and placement operations in Myanmar to include hospitality, health, and care sectors, leveraging its maritime industry expertise and established infrastructure

  • Proven track record in workforce development and international recruitment
  • Owns and operates training and recruitment operations based in Yangon, Myanmar since 2015
  • Fully integrated and streamlined services for employers and employees across diverse occupational roles
Commercial Management

We provide:

For employers 
  • Access to a high-calibre, professionally trained, and skilled workforce
  • Unique ethos and approach that embodies principles of elevating industry standards for ethics and a long-term relationship approach
  • A tailored approach to workforce development and optimising business outcomes
  • Fully integrated and streamlined services:
    • Pre-screening, vetting, and skills development assessment
    • Pre-employment mental and physical health assessments
    • Ongoing training and skills development
  • Contractual agreements with a Singapore-based entity

Interested to hire our top-notch talent who are proficiently trained, highly skilled, and committed to providing exceptional service? Contact us at for more information. 

For employees
  • Skills development | Norstar training and development centres based around Myanmar
  • Employment opportunities with highly respected organisations that satisfy Norstar’s criteria for:
    • An ethical approach to human resource management
    • Commitment to the welfare and career development of workers
    • Valuing the loyalty and commitment of their workforce
  • Gain access to services supporting investments in skills and training
  • Dedicated ongoing support and access to additional welfare resources that are already in place within Norstar’s maritime industry crew management sector

Interested in exploring employment opportunities in a variety of sectors and roles? We have global employment opportunities and provide full training and skills development. Apply here

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