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Commercial Management

Our focus is on building long-term partnerships. As a fully integrated shipping platform, an important part of the group’s work is the commercial management of tonnage. A presence in Singapore, Connecticut, Tokyo, Myanmar, and the Middle East ensures 24/7 coverage and access to global opportunities.

We provide:
  • Fully integrated competencies for ship owning and investment.
  • Over 20 years of experience in ship owning, bank financing, owners accounting, and 3rd party ship management.
  • A well-established team of ship traders who adopts a global and opportunistic approach to Chartering.
  • First-class operations and post-fixture teams work seamlessly with the technical department to maximise efficiency and earnings.
  • Extensive Sale and Purchase / Newbuilding / Chartering experience across all of the shipping sectors as well as expertise in negotiations and in-depth knowledge of contracts.
  • A global network and access to deep industry relationships including owners, charterers/traders, shipyards, ship brokers, Japanese trading houses, and banks.
  • A high standard of market analysis to determine the most attractive entry and exit points for “investment purposes”.
  • A priority access to substantial cargo volumes that ensure maximum utilisation of the commercially managed fleet.
  • Commercial offices in the US and Singapore which are used to market the ships worldwide, ensuring any position will be properly worked in all markets. We work privately with a number of traders and producers; hence cargo flows and our voyages are often dictated by where our customers find a market arbitrage at any given time.
  • Asset recovery and protection.
  • Ownership warehousing solutions for banks or financiers when required.
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