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Norstar Shipping and Trading Ltd actively charter vessels from the market to service its client’s cargo base. The company employs a global and opportunistic approach to Chartering.  Our core business is organic chemicals with our cargo customer base being the major chemical traders, chemical producers, and agricultural conglomerates worldwide. We trade our ships worldwide with a focus on matching the optimal ship size/type with the actual cargo requirement yielding the greatest efficiency and in turn maximising earnings. Our commercial offices in the US and Singapore are used to market the ships worldwide, ensuring any position will be properly worked in all markets. The company works privately with several traders and producers. Hence, cargo flows and our voyages are often dictated on where our customers find a market arbitrage at any given time. We continually ship methanol, ethanol, caustic, xylenes, styrene, benzene, veg oils, palm oils, lube oil, CPP, etc., and make sure we take advantage of where we best believe the ship is best utilised.In the near future, we will be transporting large volumes of hydrogen as ammonia on our large fleet of zero-emission Gas Carriers.  

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Photo Credit : Norstar’s Capt Ambuj, M.T Norstar Invictus, 25 Sept 2021

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