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United We Grow: A Recap of the Successful Officers Conference in Yangon

15 June 2023

By Shwe Yamin Aye, Communications and Media Specialist  

The recent “United We Grow” officers conference held in Yangon proved to be a resounding success, bringing together over 90 officers at the Melia Hotel Yangon from June 6th to 7th, 2023. This two-day event, organized by Norstar, focused on fostering collaboration, addressing industry challenges, and empowering seafarers to thrive in the ever-evolving shipping landscape.

Insightful and Diverse Topics                 

The conference agenda featured an array of subjects designed to enhance industry knowledge and encourage meaningful dialogue. Topics covered included a comprehensive recap of SIRE 2.0, emphasizing the critical aspect of the Human Element, as presented by Nitin Gandhi, the Marine Assurance Director of Safe Lanes. Safety Performance and MCL Compliance were discussed, emphasizing the importance of adhering to industry regulations and best practices. The conference also shed light on Cyber Security on board, Seafarers’ Empowerment, and Environmental regulations and policies, addressing crucial issues impacting the shipping sector.   


Collaboration and Engagement

Aligned with the “United We Grow” theme, the conference highlighted the significance of close collaboration between industry partners for mutual success. The event fostered an environment where officers and the shore team engaged in open and insightful conversations, sharing perspectives, experiences, and ideas on how to work well together. Collaboration and engagement are vital for navigating the complexities of the shipping industry and driving sustainable growth.

Appreciation and Looking Forward

We expressed sincere gratitude to all the dedicated officers who attended the conference and actively participated in the sessions. Their valuable feedback and suggestions for enhancing collaboration were greatly appreciated.

Looking ahead, we are already considering our next officers’ conference, building upon the success of the recent event. We acknowledge that these conferences offer a unique platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and shaping the future of the shipping industry. We extend an invitation to all officers to attend the next conference and actively contribute to the industry’s collective growth. 






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