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Meet Our Interns: Thulashini Sivakumar

25 February 2023

If I can describe my internship in one word, it will be…


A day in the life of a quality assurance intern at Norstar Ship Management (NSM)…

revolves around assisting with business circulars, creating presentations for seminars, formatting SMS manual procedures, and providing administrative and clerical support to our quality assurance team. I also help organize internal and external audits, as well as communicate with vessels for monthly reporting. By performing these duties, I play a crucial role in ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of our quality assurance processes. 

What I enjoyed the most about my role was… 

working with my team to prepare for the TMSA Audit was an enjoyable experience. While the week of the audit can be stressful, I appreciated the opportunity to complete the necessary paperwork, participate in the audit, and gain a better understanding of how audits are conducted in the shipping industry. It was also rewarding to offer my suggestions for enhancing our safety management system. 

The most memorable moment during my internship was… 

witnessing the internal auditing process in action on one of our managed vessels. It was exciting to see first-hand what I had previously only learned about in theory. The audit involved inspecting engine parts, noting any repairs, and interviewing the crew onboard, which was a valuable learning experience. The crew was accommodating and willing to share their expertise, making it a memorable and rewarding visit! 




A challenge I faced was… 

having difficulty understanding the terminologies used in vessel inspections and surveys. I consulted my mentor and conducted my own research to learn and understand the process thoroughly. 

For those who are interested to take up an internship…

Be fearless. During your internship, don’t be afraid to ask questions and take risks. Remember, learning happens every day. Stay enthusiastic about your project and be proactive to gain valuable experience beyond just documentation. Engage with your co-workers, be friendly, and learn about their backgrounds and experiences in the field. It could reassure you about your career path. The internship is a unique opportunity to determine whether you want to continue studying or working in this field. So, give it your all and make the most of this experience!

Thula is a 20-year-old student from Singapore Polytechnic pursuing her Diploma in Maritime Business. She has recently completed her 6-month internship at Norstar Ship Management’s Marine/ Quality Assurance Department.

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