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Meet Our Interns! – Herman Chua

16 March 2022

Herman is a 19-year-old student from Singapore Polytechnic pursuing his Diploma in Accounting. He has recently completed his 6-month internship at Norstar Ship Management’s Accounting Department.

Describe your day as an intern in Accounting Department.

“On a day-to-day basis, I handle payment-related tasks and the preparation of documents. My responsibilities also include cross-checking crucial information such as payment value, bank details, and assisting the other account executives as needed.

What was your most memorable moment during this internship?

“The most memorable moment has to be participating in the Norstar Well@Sea event with colleagues from various departments and countries. I have always wanted to work in a diverse team and GoTeam! Bingo challenge offers just that! Completing the activities together with my team was lots of fun. I felt a little awkward during our first virtual meeting because they are colleagues from different departments and offices. But, my team managed to crack each other up with jokes which broke the ice and made the rest of the challenge more enjoyable.”

Herman and his team having a virtual meeting during GoTeam! Bingo Challenge.

Herman and his team having a virtual meeting during GoTeam! Bingo Challenge.

What are some of the challenges you have faced during the internship and how you overcome them?

“The constant need to adapt and learn new things. However, my colleagues were helpful and offered me advice and guidance. Thanks to them, I was able to pick up things much faster!” 

Any words of advice for people who are interested to take up an internship? 

To persist and overcome adversities.”

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