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SCI Mountain Challenge 2017

05 October 2017

Between 28th Sept-1st Oct 2017 Norstar was proud to have 2 teams participate in the SCI Mountain Challenge. The 2 day mountain event was held at the Sunday River Resort in Maine, USA to raise funds for the Seaman’s Church Institute. Team Norstar Asia consisting of Tom Bonehill (Norstar Singapore), Ken Hasui (Norstar Japan) and Chris Charter (Norstar USA) and Team Norstar Viri Otium (meaning “Gentlemen of Leisure”) consisting of Lars Ebbesen, Chris Bonehill (Norstar USA) and Banc Jones (MJLF) competed in a field of 50 teams from all walks of the maritime sector. Funds raised directly benefited mariners regardless of nationality or faith worldwide.

Since 1834, the Seamen’s Church Institute has been serving the maritime workforce in many different ways—with chaplaincy and hospitality services, legal advocacy, and advanced maritime education and training. In addition to the on-mountain challenge where competitors summited nine peaks, hiked over 20 miles through the mountains of western Maine (Varsity Course) and paddled 11 miles down the Androscoggin River, the Norstar teams managed to raise over Usd 20,000 from generous donors in support of the Seamen’s Church Institute and its valuable programs for mariners from around the world.


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