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Norstar Ship Management and Norstar Crew Management raise funds for the devastating floods in Myanmar

01 September 2015

In response to the devastating floods that have hit parts of Myanmar as a result of Cyclone Kyoman in August 2015, NSM and NCM took immediate action and raised a total of USD 40,000. Funds were donated by Norstar Ship Management, office staff in Singapore and Yangon and Norstar crew on board the fleet.

Led by Ye Thiha and Capt Aung Ngwe Oo a response team of volunteers consisting mainly of sea staff on leave was quickly put together in Yangon to see how Norstar could best help the victims in the most remote parts of the Country. Provisions such as rice, beans, oil, tinned fish, biscuits, and drinking water were purchased along with well-needed accessories such as torches, longyi, soap, lamps, pans,and batteries.

Capt. Myo Kyaw Oo led the first team leaving from Yangon to Sittwe on 11 Aug 2015 taking a boat from Sittwe to Myauk Oo to carry out an assessment of the worst affected areas. After thorough assessment it was decided to donate aid to the worse effected village Pan Myaung near Myauk Oo where 20 houses had disappeared due to a strong current and 30 houses were severely damaged during flooding. These items were distributed by hand to the flood victims in Myauk Oo Via Sittwe, Rakhine State.

The second team to be deployed headed to Moe Nyo (150 Kilometers far from Yangon) where a field assessment was carried out to establish the worst affected areas which were not receiving aid.

Due to the severe flooding many areas were inaccessible by road so Norstar used the funds that were donated to purchase a speedboat and outboard engine. Other Non-profit Organizations who were in the area also joined the Norstar team and information was gathered and provided to Unicef and the World Food Program.

Our team then used the boat to distribute the aid. Norstar decided to partner with one of the strongest non-profit organisations in Myanmar “NCV”. More information on NCV can be seen on their website.

This organization was founded in 2008 in response to the Cyclone Nargis flood victims. The Norstar team joined the NCV Group and a joint assessment was made of 15 villages in the Moe Nyo area. It was decided to donate the aid to the worst affected village on Nan Taw Island where 24 houses were destroyed by a tornado before the flooding and 75 houses were badly damaged including a monastery and village school. Upon completion of the distribution, Norstar donated the boat for future use to NCV.

Ye Thiha, Capt Aung Ngwee Oo, and Capt Aye Ko Ko Soe along with 11 other volunteers from Norstar spent 4 days distributing food with the World food program as organized by NCV. Norstar also purchased and put together family kits for distribution which consisted of the following items: Pots, Bowls, Spoons, knives, scoops, blankets, mosquito nets, sanitary pads tinned food, Mosquito coils, Mosquito & fly spray, cooking oil, rubber boots, toothpaste, toothbrushes and lighter, etc. One box was distributed per family. Accessories such as whiteboards, exercise books, pencils, pencil sharpeners, pens and rulers for village school and village clinic were also donated along with tarpaulins, a generator, sandbags, plastic bags and plastic net food cover, etc., for the village rehabilitation.

On 27th August 2015 Tom Bonehill visited Yangon to donate the balance funds in person. The two Non-Government and Non Profit organisations selected were the Shwe Parami Foundation, founded by the highly revered Monk Ah Shin Sandardika, and the Wai Nlu Kyaw Foundation. MMK 5,000,000 (about Usd 4,000) was donated to the Shwe Parami Foundation and MMK3,000,000 (about USD 2,400) was donated to the Wai Nlu Kyaw Foundation.


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